We just released our first prototype called Spin Ignition.

The game has been developed using WebGL so you will be able to play with your browser without having to download any file or installing any plugin (we suggest Chrome for better performances)

Rush through loopy tunnels struggling against time to activate a mysterious alien device. Spin Ignition Prototype is a racing game with a sci-fi setting where you need good reflexes and planning to reach the final goal.

Align all triggering devices to complete the game before the time is up. Exploit the acceleration and braking gates to set up speed, to improve your timing and to move up the ladder. But be aware not to miss any checkpoint otherwise you will have to replay the ride while the time is moving fast.

For a much better experience we suggest you to play it at

Site: http://games.adeo.it

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdeoGames/